Personal Creative Development – Motion Comic

Continuing from my personal project last semester I wanted to explore the idea of a motion comic. This would be a continuation of my final experiment where I created a looping animated scene. I believe that the mediums of animation and comic books compliment each other and an otherwise static scene can be given more … Continue reading Personal Creative Development – Motion Comic


Motion Graphics Project – HyperRail

As part of second year we had classes to teach us the fundamentals of working in after effects. I already had some experience and enjoyed the program so this was interesting to me. Our assignment was to create a 15-30 second motion graphic. In order to make the animation structured and cohesive it needed to … Continue reading Motion Graphics Project – HyperRail

Essay – The Invisible World

An exploration of the portrayal of inanimate characters and their metaphorical worlds within “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and “Inside Out”. Introduction Anthropomorphism and personification are prolific in popular animation. I will be exploring the use of these ideas with specific reference to Walt Disney Studio’s Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) and Disney Pixar’s Inside Out … Continue reading Essay – The Invisible World

Digital Reality and Believable Characters

As part of our animation theory classes we had a series of lectures spanning multiple topics as inspiration for our own essays. This lecture challenged our perception of reality and asked what reality and believability mean in the context of fiction, particularly animated fiction. We were asked how we would define reality, in my opinion … Continue reading Digital Reality and Believable Characters

Personal Project – Concept Art: Character and World Design

As part of our creative development we were given the option of exploring one of a range of fields both 3D and 2D. With my personal interest in illustration I wanted to take this opportunity to explore concept art. I have been working on ideas for a potential comic but had yet to fully realise … Continue reading Personal Project – Concept Art: Character and World Design