Personal Project – Concept Art: Character and World Design

As part of our creative development we were given the option of exploring one of a range of fields both 3D and 2D. With my personal interest in illustration I wanted to take this opportunity to explore concept art. I have been working on ideas for a potential comic but had yet to fully realise … Continue reading Personal Project – Concept Art: Character and World Design


Animated Short – Mini Maximus

We were split into groups and given the task of producing a 30 second - 1 minute animated short about "bravery". I was in a group with Shannon McAfee and Ben Chernek. We started by brainstorming ideas, we wanted to convey bravery in a comedic way. The basis for our idea quickly became stage-fright. We … Continue reading Animated Short – Mini Maximus

Professional Artist Research/Reflection

As I am unsure as to whether I want to specialise within animation or pursue something else on my year out I've chosen to research the career of Bryan Lee O'Malley. He's a cartoonist/illustrator/writer and probably the most significant Artist in my life.  "I'm always trying to find a way to bridge the worlds of … Continue reading Professional Artist Research/Reflection